Thursday 2 December 2010

The end of the week and holidays

In the shark cage

Sunset from Table Mountain
The following day I planned to go on the shark dive again. The pick-up time was to be at 5am. This was really early, and I didn't even try to sleep early. We actually went on drinking until some late time. When I woke up I was still pretty drunk. The drive to the shark dive place, Gansbaai, took about 2 hours. When we arrived there we helped ourselves to breakfast and paid our dues. We then headed out to the wharf where we went out to sea. We started out a first time, but one of the engine failed quickly, so we had to go back so they could change or repair it. The drive out to sea went well, but once we stopped I got a little sea sick.
By the time they gave out the suits (which were the leftover suits: they hired a security guy to watch out for their gear, but the guy stole it and sold it to poachers) and let the cage down I was sea sick for good. I went into the cage at the second round and felt pretty good again in the cold water. We saw some sharks pass by, but not very well. The water was murky and the sharks didn't come very close. Later when I was out again and I fed the fishies, a shark came and rattled the cage for a little while. This was quite impressive, especially for those inside the cage. After a while two other girls fed the fishies, but I don't think they partied too much the previous evening, they were purely sea sick. We then headed back and had lunch. Well, the others had lunch, I felt better again but not enough to eat. After this we were driven back to Cape Town. Once there Anders asked me if I wanted a shot. I declined until some time later when I was better again :)

Cape penguin
The same evening, some people said they would go on Table Mountain for the sunset, so we joined them. We went up and down with the cable car for half the price (Sunset Tour price). It was pretty windy and cold up there, it kind of reminded me of home. But it wasn't nearly as cold as home now is !!

The next day we went on a peninsula day tour. We were picked up around 7.30am if I remember well. We drove south out of town and on to Boulders where we went watching the tiny cape penguins. After that we went further south until we reached the Cape of Good Hope national park. There we made a bicycle tour to the picnic area. Later we moved on to the cape's end where the old and the new lighthouses stand. It was a cold and rainy morning, but the afternoon was quite sunny.

Old lighthouse at Cape of Good Hope
The following day, which was my last day in town, I spent doing not much at all and doing a harbour tour to see Table Mountain from a distance. In the evening we ordered some food from Clay Oven and had an American Night party. People were supposed to dress themselves as american figures. We had an illegal mexican, James Dean, and a real american not dressed like an american at all. The party ended at 10pm for me because my airport transfer had arrived to take me away. So I hugged all and said goodbye to all. Chris said she seldom had a guy coming in and offering a round of tequila before doing anything else. They all went out to the balcony which hangs onto the street and cheered me goodbye.

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