Saturday 18 January 2014

Flashpacking vs backpacking

I recently discovered I am a flashpacker when on the road.

I always knew I wasn't like all the backpackers who travel very lightly (good for them, I would enjoy the feeling for a day or two), who go local for a matter of culture and price and who do almost no tourist activity. Partly because they don't have the budget, and partly because they don't want to go where tourists go. They travel for long periods of time.

So on some points I'm still doing that, but mostly not.

Friday 17 January 2014

Beer Traveling

After about 7 months in Switzerland, I finally remembered I completely forgot to do anything about my beer pictures. So now I did it. That's pictures from almost all different beers I drank. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera handy everywhere (especially after I got my smartphone stolen), so there are a few missing brands.

But here's the "artwork":

And there aren't any of the local "beer" brews in there either.