Sunday 18 October 2015

The Philippine Islands - Part III

El Nido was again rainy as in rain season. But this was also because it was not only rainy season but also typhoon season. We had a typhoon sweeping by over Manila towards Japan rippling some rainy effects upon us.

The view from Aquanaut and Camembert rocking the rain

The Philippine Islands - part II

In Puerto we stayed in Villa Travelista Travel Lodge, a small homestay type of accommodation run by the family living there. We stayed there for two nights with the husband and wife and their latest daughter. If I remember well, they had 4 daughters and maybe even a son. Two of the daughters were Miss Palawan at least. The latest was more interested in watching TV at home. The lodge is located out of tourist's way. I quite enjoyed it, although it was full of mosquitoes.

Saturday 10 October 2015

The Philippine Islands - part I

What about the Philippines? Not much to say, except that it's a great country, with great people (is it me, or do I say that about almost any country I visit?).

Despite planning the trip in the wrong season due to heavy rains, we had a blast. Being low season as well as rainy season, we could negotiate good deals for transport and accommodation.

Our plan was very simple: we had none.