Saturday 28 March 2015

The next step

After being comfortably insecure, stepping out of that infamous comfort zone, I'm almost back in that well-known swiss security place which I found so boring.

It made me leave, it made me discover other places, other cultures, other ways of living. Good or bad, always an experience.

I've seen people surviving, begging and thriving.

I've been culturally shocked, mostly when I came back to the so called civilized world.

But then, a new discovery. Could I actually live a life full of discoveries here, in my own country? (side note, what's a country anyway, except a politically defined place?)

Could I, or do I want to get comfortably numb?

Starting with my new job, it's not the typical infrastructure system engineer job at all. It could get quite interesting and intense. It goes on with me sharing an appartment with a friend. After living 6 years mostly alone and two years of travelling seldom left alone, I think I'm ready for a change again.

Then the life itself, I'm keen to explore other parts of the world in this planet's comfort zone. Wait and see if I tackle my next goal.

Getting comfortably numb is a thing you can do once in a while, but don't overestimate it.

My plan: do interesting stuff around here, for a change!

And with a little music.

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