Friday 16 February 2018

The man in the chair

A text composed while sitting in a road-side café in Nyaungshwe.

The boy was slim
He grew up to be a slim man
He went to Burma
To watch people pass by
He took a chair and sat
Sat on the side of a busy street
He watched and watched
People pass by
It was so interesting to him
The man watched and ate
People brought him food
Street food, finger food, soup
They fed him well
So well, that the slim man
Was not slim anymore
The slim man grew fat
And fatter and fatter
So much that he stayed in his chair
All day long without moving
As the years went by
People couldn't see the chair anymore
The chair was still there
This chair the slim man chose
He chose it to sit upon
This chair was now lost
Lost in the fat man's body
This heavy body
When the fat man dies
They will find the chair again
They will put it there
Next to a busy street
So someone can sit on it
And watch the people pass by

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