Saturday 20 November 2010

Goat Project

In the middle the principal
We went up north to Rundu (a 700km drive from Windhoek) in one day. There we went to Nkwasi camp which is about ten kilometers from the city. We stayed there for 4 days. The first day we visited Kayengona secondary school and Majanga pre-primary school. At Kayengona, we met the principal, a woman who holds the reins of the school with a firm hand. She accepted the two girls' idea and said she would talk to the committee. The next day the girls called and the principal said it was alright. The project was that the children had to write a short story and give it to the girls in exchange of some goats. It was agreed that the money would be given to a care taker during summer holidays (december). They would then buy the goats at the end of the school holidays.

Bar at Samsitu Camp
The next day we moved on to Samsitu Camp which is located on the river 40km west of Rundu. The bar and pool there are right on the river which is excellent to view the sunset with a beer in hand. We spent a good evening there eating traditional Afrikaans food.

After that we spent 2 days in Etosha, seeing tons of zebras, antelopes of all kind (even dik-diks), giraffes, elephants and so on. We saw lions too. We slept at Iya Nehale Mpingana Gate that night. The guards there let us sleep inside the compound.

We left early next morning to go back to Windhoek in two days.


  1. If a give you a hen (a week) or 3 eggs (per lesson) will you speak in English with me... I don't have any goat unfortunately :/
    Rooo ça va... si on peut mm plus rire ;)

  2. hahaha, but the hen should already be dead and without feathers please :)


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