Saturday 20 November 2010

South to Cape Town

The Stellenbosch region
I left Windhoek on a cloudy day after 4 days of almost constant rain. I stayed there too long, because I was sad to leave Chameleon with its nice staff and all the people I met there. But well, prepare for a 20 hours drive through southern Namibia and South Africa. We crossed the border around 4am, stopped twice for refreshments and twice more to pick-up or drop people on the way. The rest of the time we just drove. As usual, the movie's sound was not loud enough so I understood only what the pictures told me.

Once in Cape Town, a taxi driver took me to Longstreet Backpackers. It's located in the most lively street in town. There are a lots of backpackers, bars, restaurants and shops there. It's close to the town center and the waterfront. When it's sunny you can see Table Mountain from there (which is not the case today). From there on I booked myself 3 activities for the following week: a wine tour to Stellenbosch, a shark dive and a Cape Peninsula tour. In between I will try to find a sunny day to climb onto Table Mountain. There's a cable car, but what's the point in it ??

I did my wine tour yesterday. The wine wasn't the best I've had from the area and not one of them was outstanding. But the tour was great, Fern our driver and guide explained us a lot of things. She's the interested and interesting kind of guide !! At one place we met Leon, a worker on a wine farm who explained us their wines with some funny anecdotes.

The day was a good day. The sun even came out after a few hours. After the tour finished we went to drink some mojitos a few meters from Longstr. Backpackers. Later on we went to dinner and called it a day.

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