Monday 28 February 2011

Next destination ?

Will it be a country I've visited before ? will it be something new ? how long will I be there ? What will I do ? How will I get there ? How will I leave things here ? What ought to be done before leaving here ? Will the money be enough ? How will I do what I want to do ?

Which leads me to: what do I really want to do ?
Which gives me one sure answer: I wanna fly away, try something new, give it a shot !! have fun, enjoy other things than work and sleep !!


Which leads me to: I'm scared again... but anyway, I'll get through (and if I don't I will have tried)

Rock On and Have FUN !!!

My mind is soaring like an eagle in the sky just thinking about the possibilities !! what if I never come back ? your loss, not mine !! or not :P

Who needs money anyway ? what the hell iiiiis money ???? should be a mean to get where you want, but what if you cannot buy what you want ??

Let's make this blog live again !!

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