Saturday 18 January 2014

Flashpacking vs backpacking

I recently discovered I am a flashpacker when on the road.

I always knew I wasn't like all the backpackers who travel very lightly (good for them, I would enjoy the feeling for a day or two), who go local for a matter of culture and price and who do almost no tourist activity. Partly because they don't have the budget, and partly because they don't want to go where tourists go. They travel for long periods of time.

So on some points I'm still doing that, but mostly not.


  • I've got some means, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to squander it on meaningless hotel rooms.
  • I like visiting some tourist attractions from time to time, even if it costs money (speak about South Luangwa NP, Ruaha NP, and so on). I'm always trying to get the best deal.
  • I also go where short-term tourists don't go, namely travelling overland by bus or train, going to places in a country where tourism is almost non-existing and so on. I ended up in amazing places by not so amazing means of transport.
  • I don't travel lightly. Unfortunately I always carry like a ton of clothes, technology and other stuff with me. This will be even worse when I'll go on my next trip as I will have to take along a complete scuba diving equipment. Sometimes I'd like to be able to take out a few pieces of clothing or equipment, which I actually do. And then again I buy something and the bag's filled up again.
  • I bought souvenirs last time, which I planned to give to some people in Switzerland. Somehow I managed not to give away quite a few of those. Next time I'll probably not do that anymore.
  • I like going away for long periods of time as well. It's the way to go for me. I'll probably complain when I'm old, but at least I'll have some stories to tell.
For all it's worth, here's a blog that explains flashpacking in better terms. It's actually quite accurate when it comes to the way I traveled through Southern and Eastern Africa.

Cheers and enjoy.

Windhoek Townships, November 2010

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