Saturday 15 March 2014


A food stand
English. French below.

So when we left, we were already late. But we thought we could maybe not miss it. With all the food stands we wanted to get something to eat. From all the stands, I picked one that finally wasn't the best. Or maybe we weren't that hungry after all. Anyway, after getting there (car, shuttle and foot) we ate, and after that we had to find the entry to the stadium. But there wasn't just one, there were several. So we walked around the place quite a bit before finding one.

When we finally reached the area, the rodeo was finished. Bummer.

But anyway, we saw Keith Urban (a popular country singer). But he was so far away from everyone... And the sound quality was pretty bad with all the echo in the stadium.

We had a good time with all that, and I went to the rodeo!


What I saw from the rodeo
C'était mon premier rodéo. Mais vu qu'on est pas parti très à l'avance et qu'en plus on a mangé un truc sur place, ben j'ai un peu loupé mon premier rodéo. En même temps, le terrain de jeu est énorme, c'est plus grand que Paléo! En même temps quand on prend Houston, on peut faire 30 km en ligne droite sans quitter la métropole. C'est dingue!

Enfin, on a passé un super moment et on a vu un concert. Tout ça pour USD 18 de ticket et 7 de navette parking. C'est pas trop mal.

Keith Urban and band

The stage

The stage and a huge truck next to it

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