Tuesday 8 July 2014

Diving if you had asthma as a child?

Today someone came in really motivated to try something new. Especially with the raining, there isn't much point in sticking on the beach. Might as well get wet and go dive!

So we checked him in, made him fill out his medical questionnaire and set him on the path of learning the diving theory. But he had several medical conditions, worst of all being his asthma history as a child. 

So what's the deal?

Apparently, not so long ago, a doctor would simply say no and that would be it. Nowadays the trend is changing. Before doctors only had the theoretical risks as a way of deciding against it. Today, many divers with asthma, who dive against doctor's advice, are faring well. There are more hard facts.

Basically, if you can do exercise and still be breathing normally (doctors let you walk on a treadmill while measuring your airflow) then you should be fine.

Here in Cambodia, our first doctor, based on his knowledge, simply refused to consider the matter further. The second one though, seeing our new guest seemed quite motivated, let him breathe deeply and quickly for two minutes, during which he listened to his chest. Hearing a slight wheeze, he deemed it risky for him to go diving.

So be aware, if you know you are going to dive, consult a doctor at home first. It will be better than going to your paradise island, prepared for your Open Water course, and then be stopped by a medical condition, that might actually be fine.

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