Sunday 10 August 2014

Mahachai, Thailand

Back in Thailand and back in Speak-Easy Cafe & Tutoring Center plus We Are Backpackers Homestay, we went out to Mahachai. We first took a public bus, then a train where nobody would expect to find a train, except for the sign.

In Mahachai we strolled around with Niddy and Aaron, the two owners of the guesthouse and also Anna and Marcelo. We looked at the products on sale by the Burmese people.

My diving adventures have been put on hold for some time. Let's see how it goes here. Then maybe at some point, find out how it is to work in Bali. But that's a faraway prospect (faraway meaning in more than two weeks, I'm not looking too far in the future currently, so don't ask me where I see myself in five years).

Train station in Bangkok

Train station in Bangkok

Station master

Don't drink in the train

Cool Hot Dog

Train station in Mahachai

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