Wednesday 3 September 2014

To the highlands of Đà Lạt

At 12.30 lunch time in Mui Ne the bus arrived and picked us up. After driving around and picking up other people, we drove off direction Đà Lạt. The guy organizing the pickups tried to fill the bus from the back. The seats were so small, I had trouble with my long legs. Yes Phương, I know, I'm too long. But we were lucky, we got two seats each!

Anyway, we drove away, and after an hour or two, we started climbing. The views were getting interesting and beautiful with valleys and drops and rivers and so on. We reached different highland levels, the last at Đà Lạt.

The weather is cooler up here, and I will need to buy some more things. People speak more readily English here also. It's quite touristic. Everybody wants to sell you an original Easy-Rider tour, although the concept has been introduced by one company. Some copycats have a real bad customer care and so it gives the whole a lesser reputation. But the good dealers can still be found.

Đà Lạt seems to be a nice little town where everything is available in walking distance. Not like Mui Ne which is basically one long beach road with things. And the good things not always easily reachable.

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