Thursday 10 September 2015

Philippines here we go!

Well it's almost there. My upcoming business trip to the Philippines.

My plan there? To meet my two friends from Canada and France. I met them both in Cambodia last year. I was looking for friends to visit Siem Reap. I asked those two guys. Never made a better mistake. Honestly, it wasn't a mistake.

Otherwise, try new beers, see new things, meet new people, dive some, drive some motorcycle, see chocolate of a different kind, etc.

And I think I've never traveled so light. My main luggage weighs about 13 kg, and this because I'm taking some basic diving gear (I don't really like to use regulators that people used to throw up through, I like only my own throwups in me reg). The small backpack I take with me weighs 7 kgs. I don't really know how that happened, but there's a big new book in there.

So I will meet Charles in Abu Dhabi, where we will board the same flight. We'll land in Manila around 23:30. From there we'll find a way to the backpacker's where we will wake up our friend Francis from Canada.

Yay! Let's go! Tomorrow evening is the word.

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