Thursday 7 October 2010

Windhoek, Namibia

Independence Ave Windhoek
Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia is a boring city. It reminds me a lot of Australian cities, but lacking any entertainement, activities or sights. All there is, are half-day city tours provided by multiple agencies. For any other activity you have to pay the price and go outside the city. I doubt if there even is a cinema. At least there is Wernhill Park, the mall. Within you find a big supermarket and many other shops and of course the banks. They even have the Nedbank at which you can withdraw money using your Maestro card. I discovered the whole city center with all it's points of interests (about 4 or 5 which aren't even really interesting) in about an hour's walking. I then drank a freezy drink and headed back to the hotel. On the way back i felt more and more depressed at the idea of having to stay one week here.

This being found out, i made my way to the Chameleon Backpackers (which should have been my home for the rest of the time before my camping safari) to ask how i could find people wanting to join forces for some activities. She told me i could put a notice out on the board. Next thing she tells me i better go to Swakopmund, which lies at Namibia's west coast. There i will find something to do, or just idle about in the dunes or at the beach.

Tafel Lager, a local beer
Afterwards i went back to the mall to buy a bit of food for midday (it lacks the good plain food like there was in Madagascar anyway) and a pack of beer. Then i took a shared taxi home and began reading at the pool, taking an occasional swim to cool off a bit. It's amazing how the beer can even gets hot while staying in the shade.

Met a guy named Thomas who lives here in Namibia in Damaraland. We drank some beers together and he told me about Joe's Beerhouse. Joe's Beerhouse is known throughout Windhoek and possibly even throughout Namibia. It's the best address in town to drink beer and eat meat. Anyway, if you don't eat meat, don't come to Namibia, as this is a cattle country. Once in Joe's Beerhouse be sure to try the local beer, the Camelthorn Weizen, which is a good Weizen beer like you would find in Germany. If you're not hungry, don't go near Joe's Beerhouse, because you will get a big plate with plenty of meat in it, at a very affordable price (129N$ or CHF 20.-) for at least 400g of Oryx steak, which is, by the way, what you should order. The zebra steak, although it's excellent, tastes too much like beef. Even zebu tastes more different than zebra.

Windhoek Draught, another local beer
Thomas lives at Huab Lodge in Damaraland which is a lodge where there is no mobile phone, actually no phone at all. They offer all inclusive prices (even drinks and tours) at currently 2100N$ per person per night. The next town is 90km away, and the tarred road is at 34km from the lodge. The lodge is located in a reserve where you have many chances to see wild animals.

Thomas told me to make a catamaran tour in Walvis Bay (which is near Swakopmund, where i go tomorrow). On this tour there is seal feeding and whale sighting. I will call them once i get there tomorrow.

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