Thursday 14 August 2014

Tha Din Daeng food market

Every Thursday and Monday, there is a market where half the vendors sell food just opposite of my homestay place where I stay. It is the Tha Din Daeng market. I visited it for the second time with Aaron (and another guest each time). Every time, I try and discover new things. It is awesome, although everything is not always looking very appetizing and yummy.

Let's start with the general aspect of our small market, where most delicacies cost 20 Baht.

Then we can add a few pictures of delicacies. I didn't try them all.

stuffed fish

bakery products (sweet and savory)

prepared fish and salad dish with sauce

reconstituted eggs on a stick

reconstituted eggs on a stick


Then we also have live shrimps served as a salad.

All in all an awesome place to have late lunch, dinner or just a snack.

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